Loving New Hampshire means protecting it.  Whether it’s taking in the seven lakes of Wakefield, boating  Lake Winnipesaukee,  swimming Lake Wentworth,  or fishing Lake Ossipee and the waters in between.  From Effingham to Alton, Wolfeboro to Rochester, what happens in your backyard can affect everyone.   That’s why maintaining your Residential Septic System, regularly pumping your Septic Tank in the NH Lakes Region should not be overlooked.   If you are here at home year round or seasonally, protect your property and the water table, lakes, rivers and streams for both you and your neighbors as well as for our generations to come.

Sewage is the BIGGEST cause of Ground Water Contamination in the U.S.!  Out of sight should never be out of mind when considering your septic system and maintenance plan.

“Toxic synthetic organic chemicals are commonly released into the environment from septic systems because people dump toxic chemicals down their drains. The chemicals are found in pesticides, paint and coating products, toilet cleaners, drain cleaners, disinfectants, laundry solvents, antifreeze, rust proofers, septic tank and cesspool cleaners, and many other cleaning solutions. In fact, over 400,000 gallons of septic tank cleaner liquids containing synthetic organic chemicals were used in one year by the residents of Long Island alone. Furthermore, some synthetic organic chemicals can corrode pipes, thereby causing heavy metals to enter septic systems.

 It is important to pump your septic tank regularly with use and avoid putting detrimental materials into the system.

Get Your Septic Inspected! We will •Locate the system. •Uncover access holes. •Flush the toilets. •Check for signs of backup. •Measure scum and sludge layers. •Identify any leaks. •Inspect mechanical components. •Pump the tank if necessary.


The EPA provides handy guides for your information here>