To ensure our beautiful waterways and lakes of our region stay clean and healthy, it is important to ensure your NH septic system is operating properly. Many residents and businesses are on septic systems in New Hampshire.  One way to protect the NH Lakes Region Environment is to protect your septic system.

Septic leach fields, or  drain fields, are the system of pipes connected to the septic tank and extend to disperse fluids underground into the soil to be handled by nature. 

The drain field is just a few inches of soil which  sits atop the series of connected pipe which are not too deep beneath the soil’s surface.   Plus household waste contains toxins and pathogens.  That is why careful planting over a leach field is necessary to protect the pipes and to keep your family safe.    Avoid damaging or clogging the septic drainage system—Choose nitrogen-craving, shallow-rooting plants that do not require heavy gardening to cover your leach field.   Look for the following:

  • Soggy or flooded leach field area

  • Slow draining toilets or drains

  • Gurgling sounds in your drains

  • Sewage odors

Damaged pipes in your leach field will eventually cause your system to break down and can require a complete installation.

Here are a few handy links to help you choose the right planting techniques to keep your septic functioning properly.