Avoid Chemical Cleansers: Here's Why

 Chemical cleaners and drain de-cloggers do not always work and can damage your septic system as well as the environment.   Your septic system is designed to use natural bacteria to eat waste leaving separate water and solids. Adding these materials can alter the PH level of the bacteria causing it to die and solids and water will not separate allowing your tank to fill and produce a septic smell.   A lot of times what is keeping your drain from draining is a simple build up of hair or garbage caught in the trap which can be cleared quickly and easily, or you may need your septic pumped.

1. Read the label on your  chemical cleaners.  They are hazardous,  harmful to inhale and may irritate any living being’s eyes, skin, ear, nose, mouth, and throat orifices.  “Many household drain-cleaning products have explicit warnings that the product contains chemicals with known cancer causing substances and require great precaution when handling.

2.  If you are using chemical cleaners, you are harming the environment. Residue from waste will make it  into the ground, ending up in bodies of water, poisoning fish and other animals that live in or drink from the water–including humans.

3.  Avoid chemical cleaners to prevent damage to the finish of your fixtures and pipes.  Liquid drain cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, which will destroy enamel-based finishes of  your bath or sink and can dissolve metals, creating leaks and other issues.

Vinegar is a great alternative cleanser.  Kill bacteria, viruses, cut grease & oils.  Use in the laundry.  It is good for dusting wood, glass and more.  .